Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8605—8621

Identification and functional activity of matrix-remodeling associated 5 (MXRA5) in benign hyperplastic prostate

Figure 8. Prostate cell lines with overexpression of MXRA5. (A) Immunofluorescence staining of MXRA5 protein (red) in the BPH-1 cells after treatment with MXRA5-plasmid, compared with vector-control treatment. Nuclei were stained by DAPI (blue). Three repeats of experiments for were conducted and representative graphs were selected into figure. The scale bar is 100 μm. (B) qRT-PCR validated the efficiency of MXRA5 overexpression at transcriptional level in BPH-1 cells. All values shown are mean ± SD of triplicate measurements and repeated three times with similar results, ** means P<0.01. (C) Western blot analysis revealed an increased protein expression of MXRA5 by the MXRA5 plasmid treatment, compared to vector-control treatment. (D) Relative densitometric quantification of MXRA5 in BPH-1 cells. GAPDH expression was analyzed as a loading control, results are expressed as the ratio of the proteins with respect to GAPDH. ** means P<0.01 vs. vector-control.