Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8669—8679

TAp63γ influences mouse cartilage development

Figure 6. Accelerated ossification in Col10a1-TAp63γ transgenic mice. (A) Col10a1 distal promoter and a shorter Col10a1 basal promoter (ShXBP) (from −220 to +45 bp) were used to generate a p63-expressing transgenic construct. (B) PCR genotyping was performed for the Col10a1-TAp63γ transgenic mice using DNA prepared from skin. (C) For mice at postnatal day 1 (P1), ossification signals of the fore- and hind-limb digits were evaluated. Tail ossification signals were observed up to the 11th caudal vertebra in transgenic mice and up to the 8th caudal vertebra in WT mice. (D) The statistical analyses of the ossified caudal vertebrae from four Col10a1-TAp63γ transgenic mouse lines at P1 are presented. Line 2: n = 9; Line 5: n = 9; Line 7: n = 10.