Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 9 pp 8728—8741

High PRMT5 expression is associated with poor overall survival and tumor progression in bladder cancer

Figure 2. PRMT5 was upregulated and demonstrated prognostic significance in bladder cancer. (A) PRMT5 mRNA expression was significantly upregulated in bladder cancer tissue compared with that in adjacent normal tissues via qRT-PCR. (B) The PRMT5 protein level was upregulated in 11 pairs of bladder cancer tissues. (C) PRMT5 expression was upregulated in bladder cancer cell lines compared with immortalized human bladder epithelial SV-HUC-1 cells. (D) Representative images of immunohistochemistry of PRMT5 in bladder cancer tissues. (E) The Kaplan-Meier curve was applied to the survival analysis of bladder cancer patients with different PRMT5 expression levels from SYSUCC cohorts. (FH) Positive correlation between overall survival and different PRMT5 expression levels from SYSUCC bladder cancer patients with muscle-invasive bladder cancer (F), absence of lymph node metastasis (G), and high-grade tumors (H). SYSUCC: Sun Yat-Sen University Cancer Center.