Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9275—9291

NAC1 attenuates BCL6 negative autoregulation and functions as a BCL6 coactivator of FOXQ1 transcription in cancer cells

Figure 6. NAC1 binding to BCL6 is necessary to prevent BCL6 auto-downregulation. Chromatin immunoprecipitation of BCL6 (A) and NAC1 (B) in OVCAR-3 cells. qPCR was performed with a primer set targeting the BCL6 autoregulation binding-site, which is located in BCL6 exon 1 (BCL6 227-421). (C) Competition assay analysis of BCL6 downregulation in OVCAR-3 cells 48 h after ectopic expression of NAC1-C186; ***P<0.001.