Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9328—9343

Establishing immune scoring model based on combination of the number, function, and phenotype of lymphocytes

Figure 2. Correlation analysis between different lymphocyte parameters and age. (A) Heparinized peripheral blood was collected from study participants. The percentages and absolute numbers of CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, B cells and NK cells were determined by flow cytometry. Correlation between lymphocyte count (including percentage and absolute number) and age. (B) PMA/ionomycin-stimulated lymphocyte function assay was performed in study participants. Correlation between lymphocyte function (including CD4+ T cells, CD8+ T cells, and NK cells) and age. (C) The expression of phenotype markers CD28, HLA-DR, and CD45RO on CD4+ and CD8+ T cells was analyzed by flow cytometry. Correlation between these phenotype markers and age. Each symbol represents an individual donor.