Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9500—9514

MiR-16-5p regulates postmenopausal osteoporosis by directly targeting VEGFA

Figure 4. Functional and signaling pathway enrichment analyses of the top 10 genes in the protein-protein interaction network. The GO and KEGG pathway analysis of the top 10 genes identified by the PPI network are shown. The top 3 GO terms related to biological process are cellular response to hypoxia (GO:0071456), cellular response to decreased oxygen levels (GO:0036294), and cellular response to oxygen levels (GO:0071453). The top 3 GO terms related to molecular functions are P53 binding (GO:0002039), heterocyclic compound binding (GO:1901363), and Organic cyclic compound binding (GO:0097159). The top 3 GO terms related to cellular component are cytosolic ribosome (GO:0022626), ribosomal subunit (GO:0044391), and cytosolic part (GO:0044445). The top 3 KEGG pathways are pancreatic cancer (hsa:05212), pathways in cancer (hsa:05200), and renal cell carcinoma (hsa:05211).