Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9515—9533

Clioquinol improves motor and non-motor deficits in MPTP-induced monkey model of Parkinson’s disease through AKT/mTOR pathway

Figure 4. CQ suppressed iron content and oxidative stress in the SN after MPTP intoxication. (A) Iron content in the striatum, SN and organized in overall (total) of each group tested by flame atomic absorption spectrometry in each group. (BI) Quantification showed the mRNA level of iron metabolism related genes, including TFR2, FPN1, H-Fn, L-Fn, IRP1, IRP2, TF, and HO-1 in each group, respectively. (J) Representative images of Prussian blue staining showed iron distribution in the SN of each group. (K) Quantification showed GSH levels in the SN in each group, respectively. (LN) Quantification showed SOD, GSH, and MDA levels in serum of each group, respectively. (OP) Western bolt and quantification showed increased 4-HNE expression after MPTP intoxication, and which was decreased by both LD and CQ treatment. (Q) Representative images of immunofluorescence staining of 4-HNE in each group. Data expressed as the mean ± SD. *P<0.05, **P<0.01, indicate significant difference. Scale bar=200μm.