Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9549—9584

MiR-1908/EXO1 and MiR-203a/FOS, regulated by scd1, are associated with fracture risk and bone health in postmenopausal diabetic women

Figure 6. Prediction of molecules interaction network. (A) Modules inferred from protein-protein interaction (PPI) network. The degrees of connectivity are represented by different colors, with red representing strong correlation. (B) Enrichment analysis of key genes with |logFC|>1.2 including “HYAL4”, “ZNF329”, “PLS1”, “EXO1”, “FOS”, “GPR84”, “CALCB”, “NTM”, “CDKN1A”, and “CHODL”. (C) Correlation of diabetes highly related molecules (key genes with |logFC| > 1.2). (D) The regulatory network between dysregulated miRNAs and hub genes. ①. For downregulated miRNAs; ②. For upregulated miRNAs. Notes: “circle” means Co-Differentially expressed mRNAs after overexpression of SCD1.