Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9585—9603

Attenuation of doxorubicin-induced cardiotoxicity by cryptotanshinone detected through association analysis of transcriptomic profiling and KEGG pathway

Figure 5. Effects of the different regulated genes and pathways of cryptotanshinone (CPT) on the heart tissues of the DOX-treated rats using transcriptomic profiling. Changed genes in the heart tissues of the two groups displayed by a heat map (D1-3 = DOX group, DC1-3 = DOX + CPT group) (A). The volcano map exhibits the differentially regulated genes by comparison of the two groups (DOX and DOX + CPT groups); the gray scatter denotes the non-significantly differentially expressed genes; both red and green scatters denote the significantly differentially expressed genes; the x-axis represents log2 fold change, and the y-axis represents the –log10P value (B). KEGG pathway classification; the horizontal axis represents the ratio (%) of the total number of genes (differentially expressed genes) annotated with each level 2 metabolic pathway and the genes (differentiated genes) annotated to the KEGG pathway, and the vertical axis represents the level 2 pathway term; the number on the right side of the column represents the annotation of the number of differentially expressed genes in the level 2 pathway term (C).