Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9621—9632

Pyrrolo [3,4-b]-quinolin-9-amine compound FZU-0038-056 suppresses triple-negative breast cancer partially through inhibiting the expression of Bcl-2

Figure 2. FZU-0038-056 induces apoptosis in HCC1806 and HCC1937 cells. (A) The cell morphology changes of HCC1806 and HCC1937 cells after the treatment of FZU-0038-056 (10μM) for 12 hours. (B) HCC1806 and HCC1937 cells were stained with Annexin V/PI and analyzed by flow cytometry analysis after the cells were treated with FZU-0038-056 (2.5, 5, 10 μM) for 24 hours. DMSO was added as the negative control. (C, D) The percentages of Annexin V-positive cells from panel B are shown. ** p < 0.01.