Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9686—9713

Ovulation and ovarian wound healing are impaired with advanced reproductive age

Figure 7. Collagen significantly increases in the whole ovary and around CLs in reproductively old mice. (A) Representative images depicting (I) PSR staining in a reproductively young ovary and (II) the same image in ImageJ software. (III) Representative image of an H&E-stained CL, (IV) the same CL with PSR staining, and (V) the CL in ImageJ. Scale bars are (I-II) 100 μm and (III-V) 25 μm. (B) Representative images of a reproductively old ovary and CL with the same histological techniques in (A). Scale bars are (I-II) 100 μm and (III-V) 25 μm. (C) Graph showing the percent of reproductively young and old ovaries positive for PSR (N = 10 ovaries per age group). A t-test was performed; asterisk denotes P = 0.019. (D) Graph showing analysis of the percent of PSR positive area in and surrounding CLs for both age cohorts. Each data point corresponds to one CL. A t-test was performed; asterisks denote P < 0.0001. Data are represented as mean ± SEM (C and D).