Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9686—9713

Ovulation and ovarian wound healing are impaired with advanced reproductive age

Figure 8. Hyaluronan significantly declines in the ovarian stroma of reproductively old mice. (A) Representative image of the hyaluronan binding protein (HABP) assay performed with reproductively young ovaries. The whole ovarian area is outlined in red. Follicles are outlined in yellow. CLs are outlined in blue. (B) Representative image of the HABP assay performed on reproductively old ovaries with the same ovarian sub-compartments outlined. Scale bars are (A, B) 200 μm. Graphs showing hyaluronan as intensity per area within (C) whole ovaries, (D) follicles, (E) CLs, and (F) the ovarian stroma between age cohorts. T-tests were performed; asterisks indicate significant differences (C: P = 0.043; F: P = 0.012). Data are represented as mean ± SEM (CF). N = 10 ovaries per age group.