Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 12812—12840

PHLPP2 is regulated by competing endogenous RNA network in pathogenesis of colon cancer

Figure 1. DEGs and differentially expressed miRNAs are implicated in the occurrence and development of colon cancer. (A) Top 150 DEGs from GSE41328 and GSE89076 by Venn diagrams. (B) Differential gene expression heatmap of the GSE41328 dataset. (C) Differential gene expression heatmap of the GSE89076 dataset. (D) Differential gene expression heatmap of the GSE108153 dataset. (E) CeRNA network for identification of ceRNAs associated with colon cancer using the TCGA database as well as miRDB, miRTarBase and TargetScan websites. In Panel (BD) the abscissa referred to Sample No., while the ordinate referred to DEGs; the procamp was presented using a histogram in the upper right, where the change in color from top to bottom indicated the expression of the chips from high to low; each rectangle indicated the expression of one gene in one sample, and each column showed the expression of all genes in one sample; the tree diagram was applied to present the results of cluster analysis on the different genes from different samples; the horizontal bar revealed the cancer tissues in red and the adjacent tissues in blue. In Panel (E) the upregulated gene was shown in red and the downregulated gene was shown in blue, the lncRNA binding to miR-141 was shown in purple and lncRNA binding to miR-424 was shown in green.