Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9855—9867

Red blood cell distribution width is associated with neuronal damage in acute ischemic stroke

Figure 2. The serum NSE level and the incidence of high serum NSE according to RDW-SD. The mean serum NSE levels were 13.17±2.81 ng/mL, 13.11±3.21 ng/mL, and 14.35±3.55 ng/mL in the first, second, and third RDW-SD tertiles in all patients, respectively, and there was a significant difference among the three groups (p<0.001) (A). The prevalence of high NSE was 19/142 (13.38%), 22/148 (14.86%), and 40/152 (26.32%) in the first, second, and third RDW-SD tertiles, respectively, in all patients, and the prevalence of high NSE showed a grade increase according to the levels of the RDW-SD tertiles (p=0.007) (B).