Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9868—9881

Construction of immune-related and prognostic lncRNA clusters and identification of their immune and genomic alterations characteristics in lung adenocarcinoma samples

Figure 5. Comparison of mutant genes associated with immune activation and CNVs profile. (A) Mutation spectrum of the top 20 mutated genes with the highest number in cluster 1 and cluster 2. (B, C, above) The variant classification, variant type, and SNV class in cluster 1 and cluster 2. (B, C, below). Variants per sample, variant classification summary, and top ten mutated genes. (D) Comparison of CNVs profile (amplification and deletion) in cluster 1 and cluster 2. Yellow represents cluster 1 and blue represents cluster 2. Red represents the amplified portions and green represents deleted portions. (E, F) Areas with significant copy amplification and deletion of lncRNAs. G-scores (left) are normalized values of the amplification/ deletion signals and indicate the degree of gene amplification/ deletion. The larger the G-scores, the greater the degree of gene amplification/ deletion. The Q value (right) is the significance level of the amplification/ deletion, and the green line represents the threshold value of the significance level with Q value = 0.25. CNVs: copy number variations; SNV: single nucleotide variant.