Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9935—9947

Gorlin syndrome-induced pluripotent stem cells form medulloblastoma with loss of heterozygosity in PTCH1

Figure 2. Genomic analysis and cell proliferation assays of Gln-iPSCs. (A) Sequence analysis of the PTCH1 gene in Gln-iPSCs. G36 iPSCs contained a ~1.1-Mb deletion with 22-bp overlap (yellow box) which is identical to the parental fibroblast. (B) Growth curves of Gln-iPSCs. Cell numbers of Gln-iPSCs (G11, G36, G72) and Edom22-iPSCs (control iPSCs) were counted at the indicated days after cells (1.0 x 105 cells/dish) were seeded on vitronectin-coated 6-well plates.