Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9935—9947

Gorlin syndrome-induced pluripotent stem cells form medulloblastoma with loss of heterozygosity in PTCH1

Figure 3. Medulloblastoma in Gln iPSC-teratoma. (A) Histology of teratoma generated by Gln-iPSCs. Upper panels from left to right: ectodermal glia and neuroepithelium; epidermis with hair follicles; epidermis with keratinization; ganglia; hepatocytes. Lower panels from left to right: cartilage; glomerulus-like structure; capillary vessels; bone and cartilage; intestinal epithelium. (B) Medulloblastomas were generated in the teratomas by Gln-iPSCs (G11, G12, G36, G72). Upper panels: low power view of the teratomas. Lower panels: high power view of medulloblastoma parts. Medulloblastomas were shown in the squares of the upper panels. (C) Immunohistochemical analysis of medulloblastoma using antibodies to Tuj-1, synaptophysin, nestin, Ki-67, and p53.