Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 9948—9958

Topoisomerase II-binding protein 1 promotes the progression of prostate cancer via ATR-CHK1 signaling pathway

Figure 1. Immunohistochemical staining for TopBP1 expression in prostate cancer and paracancerous tissues of our TMA sample. (A) A full view of the immunohistochemistry staining for TopBP1 in TMA. (B) The immunoreactivity scores (IRS) of TopBP1 in prostate cancer (n=71) and in paracancerous tissues (n=7) Data were presented as Mean ± SEM. *p = 0.002. (CE) The immunohistochemistry staining indicated that TopBP1 immunostainings mainly occurred in the cytoplasm of PCa and the intensity of TopBP1 immunostainings was positive (C), intermediate (D), and weak (E). (F) Weak staining of TopBP1 in paracancerous tissues.