Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 11 pp 10642—10662

Epigenome-wide gene–age interaction analysis reveals reversed effects of PRODH DNA methylation on survival between young and elderly early-stage NSCLC patients


Figure 3. Scatter plot of cis-regulation, circos plot of genome-wide trans-regulation analysis, and significant pathways of gene enrichment pathway analysis. (A) Correlation between DNA methylation of cg14326354PRODH and expression of PRODH. The r coefficient and P-value were derived from Pearson correlation analysis. Gene expression was log2-transformed before correlation analysis. (B) Circos plot of genome-wide trans-regulation analysis in the TCGA cohort. Blue points ordered by genomic position represent P-values of correlation between gene expression and methylation at cg14326354PRODH. Grey lines represent significant correlations with Bonferroni-adjusted P ≤ 0.05. (C) KEGG gene enrichment analysis of 821 trans-regulated genes correlated with cg14326354PRODH methylation.