Priority Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 10 pp 8790—8819

Rejuvenation of three germ layers tissues by exchanging old blood plasma with saline-albumin

Figure 4. Liver adiposity and fibrosis are reduced in old mice after a single procedure of neutral blood exchange. Histological analysis (Oil Red-O and Masson’s trichome staining) of 10 μm liver sections from uninjured mice collected at 6 days after NBE. (A) Representative images of lipid droplets (fat) stained with Oil Red-O and Collagen (fibrosis) stained blue with Masson’s trichome show that NBE visibly reduced fat and fibrosis of old livers. (B) Adiposity Index (red pixels per section) and (C). Fibrotic index (numbers of fibrotic clusters per section) were determined as in [9] and by shown here trichrome. Adiposity: YY-YNBE NS p= 0.8, YY-ONBE *p= 0.04, OO-ONBE ***p= 0.0004. N=4 YY and OO, N=8 YNBE and ONBE. Fibrosis: YY-YNBE NS p= 0.7, YY-ONBE *p= 0.012, OO-ONBE ****p= 0.00001. N=8. All quants are represented as % of OO control. Scale bar=50 μm. Representative images for YY versus YNBE cohorts and of albumin/Hoechst are shown in Supplementary Figure 6.