Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 15 pp 15281—15289

Fish oil supplementation attenuates cognitive impairment by inhibiting neuroinflammation in STZ-induced diabetic rats

Figure 1. The spatial learning and memory ability of rats in different groups. (A) Escape latency in navigation training. (B) Swimming speed in the probe test. (C) The number of platform quadrant crossings. (D) Time spent in the target quadrant. Data were analyzed using repeated-measures ANOVA with post hoc Bonferroni tests. Data are shown as the mean ± SEM (n=7). *P<0.05, * *P<0.01 and ***P<0.001 vs. the CON group; # P<0.05, ##P<0.01 and ###P<0.001 vs. the DM group.