Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13365—13387

TCF7L2 rs290487 C allele aberrantly enhances hepatic gluconeogenesis through allele-specific changes in transcription and chromatin binding


Figure 7. Network and pathway analyses of transcriptome and metabolome changes in pathways related to glucose metabolism in PLC-PRF-5 cells with the rs290487 C/C genotype. (A) The network shows interactions between DEGs and metabolites in the metabolic pathways visualized using OmicsNet. The bold dots and lines represent metabolites and genes in the glucose metabolic pathway, respectively. (B) The interactome network between transcripts and metabolites visualized using MetScape 3. The transcripts and metabolites highlighted in yellow represent those involved in the glycolysis and gluconeogenesis pathway. (C) The subgroup analysis of the network shows the interactions between DEGs and metabolites in the glucose metabolic pathways as visualized using OmicsNet. Red and yellow dots represent genes and metabolites, respectively. The sizes of the dots are based on their degree values. (D) The probable mechanism of C-allele enhanced gluconeogenesis.