Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13647—13667

MiR-146b-5p suppresses the malignancy of GSC/MSC fusion cells by targeting SMARCA5


Figure 3. RFP+/GFP+ cells (F-GSC/MSC) are fusion cells derived from SU4-RFPs and MSC-GFPs. (A) RNA FISH and (B) Western blot analysis showed simultaneous expression of RFP/GFP in F-GSC/MSCs at the transcription and protein levels. (C) Cell surface marker identification showed that F-GSC/MSCs co-expressed markers of both GSCs and MSCs. (D) Human metacentric/submetacentric chromosomes (arrows) and murine telocentric chromosomes are observed in the karyotype of F-GSC/MSCs.