Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13647—13667

MiR-146b-5p suppresses the malignancy of GSC/MSC fusion cells by targeting SMARCA5


Figure 6. MiR-146b-5p negatively regulates SMARCA5, which is highly expressed in high-grade gliomas. (A) Western blot analysis of SMARCA5 expression in F GSC/MSCs overexpressing miR-146b-5p. (B) Predicted binding site between miR 146b-5p and SMARCA5. Wild type (WT) and mutant (MT) SMARCA5 vectors were constructed for luciferase assays. (C) Luciferase activity indicated miR-146b-5p bound directly to the 3’ UTR of SMARCA5. (D) SMARCA5 expression in glioblastoma and normal tissue from a TCGA dataset. (E) SMARCA5 expression in different glioblastoma subtypes in the TCGA dataset. (F) Overall survival among glioma patients in a low SMARCA5 and high SMARCA5 group. (G) Immunofluorescence analysis of SMARCA5 expression in different WHO grade gliomas.