Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 13668—13683

CAMKIIγ is a targetable driver of multiple myeloma through CaMKIIγ/ Stat3 axis


Figure 6. WBC158 exhibited more potent anti-proliferation activity than BBM partially through targeting CaMKIIγ. (A) MM cells were treated with the indicated concentrations of BBM and WBC158 for 72 h. (B) The chemical structure of WBC158. (C) Comparison of IC50 values of BBM and WBC158 in MM cells (*P < 0.05). (D) The IC50 value fold of BBM and WBC158. (E) KM3 or U266 cells was treated with WBC158 for 24 h. CaMKIIγ, p-CaMKIIγ and p-Stat3 proteins expression were detected by Western blot. (F) Western blot of U266 cells after DOX-induced CAMKIIγ -KO. CAMKIIγ knockout and the control in U266 cells were treated with BBM (G) or WBC158 (H) at various concentrations for 72h (*P < 0.05, ***P < 0.001).