Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 14 pp 14556—14568

TP53 somatic mutations are associated with poor survival in non-small cell lung cancer patients who undergo immunotherapy

Figure 5. ROC curve analysis of the prognostic prediction models with or without TP53 mutation status. (A, B) The ROC curves show the comparative prognostic prediction efficiency of models with age, sex, ICI regime, and TMB or age, sex, ICI regime, TMB, and TP53 mutation status (wild-type, non-truncating or truncating mutations) as parameters at one year and two years after the 350 NSCLC patients in the MSK-IMPACT cohort received immunotherapies. (C) Time-dependent AUC of the prognostic prediction model with age, sex, ICI regime, TMB and TP53 mutation status was higher than the time-dependent AUC of the model with age, sex, ICI regime, and TMB.