Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23598—23608

Exosome-mediated Hic-5 regulates proliferation and apoptosis of osteosarcoma via Wnt/β-catenin signal pathway

Figure 2. Dysfunction of Hic-5 regulated the proliferation and apoptosis in osteosarcoma. The transfection efficiency was verified by RT-PCR (A, n=6) western blot (B, n=3), and immunofluorescence (C, n=6). *P<0.05. (D) MTT assay was performed to detected cell viability in OS cells. n=10, *P<0.05. (E) The proliferation ability of OS cells was measured by Edu assay. (green, Edu+, blue, DAPI). n=6, *P<0.05. (F) The apoptosis rate was detected by flow cytometry. n=5, *P<0.05. (G) The caspase3 activity was assessed in OS cells. n=6, *P<0.05. (H) The apoptosis-associated protein (Bcl2, Bax and Cleaved-caspase3) level was detected by western blot. n=6, *P<0.05. (I) Effects of Hic-5 knockdown on the size of MG-63 xenograft tumors in nude mice. (J) The tumor volume and weights of removed tumor were calculated. n=10, *P<0.05. (K) Representative Ki-67 staining of tumor sections in different group.