Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23598—23608

Exosome-mediated Hic-5 regulates proliferation and apoptosis of osteosarcoma via Wnt/β-catenin signal pathway

Figure 3. Exosomes derived from OS supernatant were identified. (A) The morphology of exosome was observed by TEM. (B) The biomarker (CD63, Alix, Tsg101 and GM130) of exosome were detected by western blot. (C) Exosome particle size (about 30-150 nm) were analyzed. The characteristics of sh-Hic-5-exo and sh-NC-exo were confirmed by TEM (D), biomarker (E) and particle size (F). (G) The mRNA expression of Hic-5 was measured in sh-Hic-5-exo and sh-NC-exo. n=4, *P<0.05.