Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 13 pp 12609—12621

Obesity is associated with senescence of mesenchymal stromal cells derived from bone marrow, subcutaneous and visceral fat of young mice

Figure 4. DNA damage following genotoxic stress in MSCs from obese and control animals. The pictures are representative images of immunocytochemistry performed on MSC samples to detect γ-H2AX (green) and nuclei (blue). Insets, are higher magnifications of the same samples. The column scatter plot indicates the degree of H2AX phosphorylation that was determined by counting the number of γ-H2AX immunofluorescent foci per cell. The foci number was determined for 200 cells. Each dot represents a single cell. Horizontal bars indicate the mean value for each category (n = 6 biological replicates; ***p <0.001 is statistical significance between ND and HFD samples; ### p<0.001 is statistical significance within a single group, either ND or HFD. The comparison is between time zero and the other time points).