Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20111—20126

MicroRNA-143 sensitizes acute myeloid leukemia cells to cytarabine via targeting ATG7- and ATG2B-dependent autophagy

Figure 1. Cytarabine treatment decreases miR-143 expression in AML cells. (A, B) Human AML cell line HL60 (A) and U937 (B) were treated with increasing concentrations of cytarabine as indicated for 24 h. The expression level of miR-143 was determined by RT-qPCR analysis. The house-keeping gene ACTB was used as a reference control. The results are expressed as relative to vehicle group. (C) Three lines of primary AML cells from newly diagnosed patients (named as AML #1, AML #2, AML #3) were individually treated as in (A, B). The analysis of expression level of miR-143 was conducted as in (A, B). Each column represents the value from 5 replicates. All data are mean ± SD from three independent experiments. Data between two groups were compared using Student t-test. **, P<0.01; *, P<0.05; NS, not significant, versus 0 nM group in each cell line.