Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 18982—19011

POC1A acts as a promising prognostic biomarker associated with high tumor immune cell infiltration in gastric cancer


High POC1A expression significantly induced better survival outcomes. (AC) Survival curves of OS in 3 cohorts (GSE15459, GSE84433, STAD of TCGA) (cut-off: 7.97,n=192, p=0.028; cut-off: 9.3, n=357, p=0.004; cut-off: 9.45, n=327, p=0.007) demonstrated that high POC1A mRNA expression led to better overall survival in GC. (D) High POC1A expression was significantly correlated with better overall survival (OS) prognosis in the RT-qPCR cohort (n=101, p=0.034). (E) Low POC1A protein expression led to poor OS prognosis in the immunohistochemistry cohort (n=83). (F) RFS curves of patients from GSE26253 (cut-off: 7.67, n= 432).