Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 23 pp 23619—23646

Pathomechanism characterization and potential therapeutics identification for SCA3 targeting neuroinflammation


Figure 4. Effects of the tested compounds in ATXN3/Q75-GFP-expressing SH-SY5Y cells inflamed with IFN-γ-stimulated HMC3 conditioned medium. (E) Images of polyQ aggregation and neurite outgrowth, with aggregates marked with arrowheads (white), and segmented images with multi-colored mask to assign each outgrowth to a cell body for neurite outgrowth quantification. P values: comparisons between cells stimulated with CM/+IFN-γ and CM/–IFN-γ (##: P < 0.01 and ###: P < 0.001), or between compound treated and untreated cells (*: P < 0.05, **: P < 0.01 and ***: P < 0.001). (one-way ANOVA with a post hoc Tukey test).