Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 15 pp 15478—15491

The impact of folate and vitamin B12 status on cognitive function and brain atrophy in healthy elderly and demented Austrians, a retrospective cohort study

Figure 1. Distribution of vitamin B laboratory parameters in normal elderly individuals (ASPS N=223, ASPS-Fam N=155) and in AD patients (PRODEM N=217). The circle within the boxplot denotes the mean of the parameter. Dotted lines represent the reference range or clinical cut-off of each parameter. Homocysteine: < 12 μmol/L; Folate: 2.7-34 ng/mL; Vitamin B12: 180-1100 pg/mL; Active Vitamin B12: 25-165 pmol/L; MMA: <0.3 μmol/L. AD: Alzheimer’s disease; MMA: methyl malonic acid, ASPS: Austrian Stroke Prevention Study; ASPS-Fam: Austrian Stroke Prevention Family Study; PRODEM: Prospective Dementia Registry.