Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20163—20183

Down-regulated ciRS-7/up-regulated miR-7 axis aggravated cartilage degradation and autophagy defection by PI3K/AKT/mTOR activation mediated by IL-17A in osteoarthritis

Figure 9. (A) Classification of 33 overlapping genes in accordance with gene ontology (GO) categories: biological process, cellular component, and molecular function; The vertical axis represents numbers of differentially-expressed genes (DEGs) corresponding to the numbers of GO terms assigned for a particular GO category. (B) KEGG pathway analysis identified that KEGG categories were enriched in 33 overlapping genes. (C) GO terms enrichment analysis for 33 overlapping genes. (D) Circos plot showing the relationship between KEGG pathway and their genes. Genes are located on the left side of the graph and indicated by their symbols. Gene involvement in the KEGG pathways is indicated by connecting lines.