Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19173—19220

Integrative genomics analysis identifies promising SNPs and genes implicated in tuberculosis risk based on multiple omics datasets


Boxplots show the differential expression levels of tuberculosis-risk genes between uninfected mice and infected mice with 5 distinct time points based on two GSE1440943 (blood) and GSE1440944 (lung) datasets. (A) FCHO1 for blood; (B) FCHO1 for lung; (C) RPS5 for blood; (D) RPS5 for lung; (E) HIATL1 for blood; (F) HIATL1 for lung; (G) RRM1 for blood; (H) RRM1 for lung; (I) CDK10 for blood; (J) CDK10 for lung; (K) PDK1 for blood; (L) PDK1 for lung; (M) CDC16 for blood; (N) CDC16 for lung; (O) DHX57 for blood; (P) DHX57 for lung. P values were generated by Anova test.