Review Volume 12, Issue 15 pp 15818—15855

The role of Anaphase Promoting Complex activation, inhibition and substrates in cancer development and progression

Figure 1. CDC27 network interactors. The BioGRID database was searched for CDC27 interactors. The search resulted in 144 protein nodes (blue circles) that interact with CDC27, producing 602 physical edges (yellow lines), 16 genetic edges (green lines) and 18 physical/genetic edges (purple lines). An edge is the line connecting 2 proteins. Many proteins have multiple interactors, generating multiple edges for a single protein. The search was done with the minimum evidence filter set at 1 (see Supplementary Figure 1 for raw data). Proteins that only interacted with CDC27 (1 edge) were lost when the filter was set at 2 and were not included in this analysis. Each node was manually manipulated for this clustering exercise.