Review Volume 12, Issue 15 pp 15818—15855

The role of Anaphase Promoting Complex activation, inhibition and substrates in cancer development and progression

Figure 2. Protein inhibitors of the APC that function through CDC20 and/or CDH1. The BioGRID database was separately searched for CDC20 and CDH1 interactors. To avoid confusion with the cadherin 1 gene (also called CDH1), the alias FZR1 was used to search for the CDH1 coactivator. 181 nodes were identified for FZR1, identifying 801 physical, and 18 genetic edges (see Supplementary Figure 2). For CDC20, 175 nodes were identified, with 911 physical edges and 8 genetic edges (see Supplementary Figure 3). All protein nodes identified were searched using PubMed. Proteins found to inhibit the APC, but not serve as substrates, are shown here. Proteins unique to CDC20 are shown in red, those unique to CDH1 are shown in blue, and those identified in both searches are shown in green. All APC subunits were identified in both searches. Ph, phosphorylation; Ub, ubiquitination.