Review Volume 12, Issue 15 pp 15818—15855

The role of Anaphase Promoting Complex activation, inhibition and substrates in cancer development and progression

Figure 4. APC substrates that are unique to CDC20 or CDH1, and those that are acted on by both. The BioGRID database was searched for CDC20 and CDH1 interactors. All protein nodes identified were searched using PubMed. Proteins found to serve as APC substrates are shown here. Proteins unique to CDC20 are shown in red, those unique to CDH1 are shown in blue, and those identified in both searches are shown in green. Subgroups within the clusters are highlighted for those involved in the ubiquitin pathway, and those composing CDK-cyclin complexes. Proteins highlighted in white are proteins overexpressed in cancers with oncogenic potential, while those highlighted in orange are mostly downregulated in cancers showing potential tumor suppressing activity. 8 proteins are uniquely targeted for degradation by CDC20 and 37 by CDH1, while 24 protein substrates are shared by both, for a total of 69 potential substrates. The deubiquitinase OTUD7B that deubiquitinates APC substrates was identified in both searches.