Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20285—20307

LncRNA DGCR5 plays a tumor-suppressive role in glioma via the miR-21/Smad7 and miR-23a/PTEN axes


Figure 5. LncRNA DGCR5 directly binds to miR-21-3p and miR-23a-5p (A) miR-21-3p and miR-23a-5p expression was determined in normal (non-cancerous, n=28) and glioma tissues (stage II n=11, stage III n=9, stage IV n=8) by real-time PCR. (B) miR-21-3p and miR-23a-5p expression in normal human astrocytes, NHA, and glioma cell lines, LN229, U251-MG, SHG44, and T98G was determined by real-time PCR. (C) U251-MG and SHG44 cells were transfected with lncDGCR5 or sh-DGCR5 and the expression of miR-21-3p and miR-23a-5p was determined by real-time PCR. (D) miR-21-3p and miR-23a-5p overexpression or inhibition generated in U251-MG and SHG44 cells by transfection of miR-21-3p/miR-23a-5p or anti-miR-21-3p/anti-miR-23a-5p, as confirmed by real-time PCR. (E) Wild-type and mutant-type lncRNA DGCR5 luciferase reporter vectors were constructed as described in Materials and methods section. These vectors were co-transfected in 293T cells with miR-21-3p/miR-23a-5p or anti-miR-21-3p/anti-miR-23a-5p, and the luciferase activity was determined. **P<0.01, ***P<0.005, compared to NHA, vector or miR-NC group; #P<0.05, ##P<0.01, ###P<0.005, compared to sh-NC or anti-NC group.