Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20308—20331

TRIM28 is a distinct prognostic biomarker that worsens the tumor immune microenvironment in lung adenocarcinoma


Kaplan-Meier survival curves generated from the PrognoScan database for TRIM28 expression in different tumor types. (AE) DFS, DSS, DMFS and OS curves for five breast cancer cohorts (GSE4922-GPL96, GSE3494-GPL96, GSE7378, GSE9893 and GSE11121). (F, G) RFS and OS curves for lung cancer (GSE31210). (H) OS curve for brain cancer (MGH-glioma). (I) OS curve for ovarian cancer (GSE8841). (J) OS curve for prostate cancer (GSE16560). (K) OS curve for blood cancer (GSE2658). (L) OS curve for renal cell carcinoma. DFS, disease-free survival; DSS, disease-specific survival; DMFS, distant metastasis-free survival; OS, overall survival; RFS, recurrence-free survival; GSE, Gene Expression Omnibus data series; HR, hazard ratio.