Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23647—23667

Identification of the novel Np17 oncogene in human leukemia

Figure 3. Np17 gene expresses a nuclear protein of ~17 kDa. (A) Np17 gene expressed a ~17 kDa protein in bacteria. (B, C) Western blotting result of recombinant Np17 protein with His-tag antibody (B) and with Np9 antibody (C). (D) Np17 gene expressed a ~20 kDa protein in human leukemia cells. (E) EGFP alone stained the cell uniformly in HEK293 cells. (F) EGFP-Np17 protein is localized predominantly in the cell nucleus in HEK293 cells. (G) EGFP-Np17-ΔNLS was localized in the cytoplasm in HEK293 cells.