Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23647—23667

Identification of the novel Np17 oncogene in human leukemia

Figure 5. Np17 is critically required for proliferation and viability of AML Cells. (A) qRT-PCR analysis of Np17 levels in THP-1 cells after DOX-induced Np17-KD. (B) Comparison of proliferation curves of THP-1 cells after DOX-induced Np17-KD with control. (C, D) Representative images and quantification of colony numbers in THP-1 cells after DOX-induced Np17-KD. (EG) Leukemia growth inhibition by in vivo Np17 shRNA in an orthotopic mouse model: (E) Bioluminescent images of representative mice for each group (n=4). (F) Quantitative analysis of tumor signals between Np17 KD and control(p<0.001). (G) overall survival (Kaplan-Meier analysis).