Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 19 pp 19365—19374

Knockdown of NHP2 inhibits hepatitis B virus X protein-induced hepatocarcinogenesis via repressing TERT expression and disrupting the stability of telomerase complex


Knockdown of NHP2 promotes tumor tissues apoptosis in xenograft model that were injected with or without HBx-overexpressed PLC/PRF5 hepatoma cells. Representative western blot bands together with quantitative analysis for TERT, HBx, NHP2, Bcl-2, Bax and cleaved-Caspase 3 expression in different types of tumor tissues. Ov: overexpression, NC: negative control, HBX: Hepatitis B virus X. *P<0.05, **P<0.01 and ***P<0.001.