Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20396—20412

The oncogenic role of LncRNA FAM83C-AS1 in colorectal cancer development by epigenetically inhibits SEMA3F via stabilizing EZH2


Figure 1. Opposite effects of FAM83C-AS1 and SEMA3F in CRCs. (A) The expression of 242 lncRNAs in CRC tissues and corresponding non-tumor tissues was detected using microarray analysis, and the expression of PCAT7, FAM83C-AS1, LINC00144, HMGB3P1 and AC016735.1 was detected in CRC tissues and adjacent non-tumor tissues using RT-qPCR. (B) The correlation between SEMA3F and lncRNAs (PCAT7, FAM83C-AS1, LINC00144, HMGB3P1 and AC016735.1) was analyzed using Spearman’s correlation analysis. (C) FAM83C-AS1 expression was detected using RT-qPCR in early and advanced stages of CRC patients. (D) FAM83C-AS1 expression in metastatic CRC tissues and non-metastatic CRC tissues was detected using RT-qPCR. (E) FAM83C-AS1 expression in CRC cell lines and normal human colonic epithelial cell line (HCoEpiC) was examined by RT-qPCR. (F) The coding potential of FAM83C-AS1 was obtained from CPAT. (G) The subcellular localization of FAM83C-AS1 was determined by subcellular fractionation and FISH assays. (H) The efficiency of FAM83C-AS1 was evaluated using RT-qPCR. (I) SEMA3F expression in RKO and SW620 cells transfected with sh-FAM83C-AS1#1 or sh-NC was detected using RT-qPCR and western blot analyses. **P < 0.01, ***P < 0.001.