Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22656—22687

Long non-coding RNA ZFAS1 promotes colorectal cancer tumorigenesis and development through DDX21-POLR1B regulatory axis


Figure 7. DDX21 promoting cell proliferation regulated by LncRNA-ZFAS1 in vivo. (A) Schematic diagram of xenografts in BALB/c nude mice by inoculating SW620 cells that were stably co-transfected with shZFAS1, shZFAS1+ pcDH-DDX21, shNC (empty-vector), and shZFAS1+NC at their right armpits. (B) Mean xenografts tumor weight for each group was determined on the 30th day. Data are shown as mean ± s.d., n = 5 for each group. (C) Mean tumor volumes on different days for each group xenografts in nude mice. (D and E) Representative xenograft mice and tumors excised on the 30th day are shown. (F) qPCR assays were performed to determine the mRNA expression of DDX21 and POLR1B above each group. The groups were as follows: shNC (empty vector); shZS1 (shZFAS1#1); shZS1+NC (co-transfected with shRNA and pcDH empty vector); shZS1+X21 (co-transfected with shZFAS1 and pcDH-DDX21).*, P <0.05; **, P <0.01; ***, P <0.001; **** P <0.0001.