Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23698—23726

The ZiBuPiYin recipe regulates proteomic alterations in brain mitochondria-associated ER membranes caused by chronic psychological stress exposure: Implications for cognitive decline in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Figure 1. Effects of ZBPYR on RBG, glucose tolerance, and insulin resistance in PSD rats. (A) RBG was measured at 7-15 weeks old. Oral glucose tolerance tests were performed on 14 hour fasted rats after 10 weeks with a Purina 5008 diet. Blood glucose levels (B), total glucose area under the curve (AUC) (C). Insulin tolerance tests were conducted on 6 hour fasted animals. Blood glucose levels (D), total glucose AUC (E). #p <0.05, ###p <0.001, ####p <0.0001 PDZ vs. PSD. ZDF: ZDF rats; PSD: ZDF rats treated with PS; PDZ: ZDF rats treated with PS combined with ZBPYR administration (mean ± SEM, n=6-8 per group).