Research Paper Advance Articles pp 23698—23726

The ZiBuPiYin recipe regulates proteomic alterations in brain mitochondria-associated ER membranes caused by chronic psychological stress exposure: Implications for cognitive decline in Zucker diabetic fatty rats

Figure 6. Analysis and comparison of the brain MAM proteins between PSD:ZDF and PDZ:PSD groups. (A) Using a fold change cutoff of ≥1.2 and a p-value cutoff of ≤0.05, a Venn diagram was constructed to find differentially regulated proteins in the PSD:ZDF, PDZ:PSD, or both. Volcano plots showing log2 fold-change (x-axis) and -log10 p-value (y-axis) were used for all quantified proteins in the PSD:ZDF (B) or PDZ:PSD group (C). Colored dots indicate proteins commonly expressed in both groups and the upregulated and downregulated proteins are labeled by red and blue, respectively. (D, E) Chronic PS caused 85 differentially expressed proteins and ZBPYR treatment resulted in 33 proteins to be differentially expressed. (F) Twenty-one overlapped proteins were differentially expressed in both groups (n=3 per group).