Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20493—20511

RNA-seq reveals the diverse effects of substrate stiffness on epidermal ovarian cancer cells

Figure 6. Visualization analysis of PPI network, KEGG pathways and GO terms. (A) Network of 1101 DEMs between C and L group (917 nodes and 4735 edges); (B) Network of 1082 DEMs between C and H group (800 nodes and 3738 edges); KEGG pathway enrichment was shown in (C) biological process, cellular component and molecular function terms were shown in D, E, F, respectively. The cutoff criterion was p < 0.05, and the first 10 pathways are shown. Group C, L and H represent control (6 kPa), low (1 kPa) and high (60 kPa) group, respectively.