Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 20 pp 20493—20511

RNA-seq reveals the diverse effects of substrate stiffness on epidermal ovarian cancer cells

Figure 7. Fishing and characterization of key targets. (A) Venn diagram of the DEMs from four data arrays. A total of 3 significantly overlapping mRNAs were finally obtained; Identification of the enriched gene sets with GSEA analysis focused on a single gene as a phenotype in the merged microarray. Over-representation of negative TNS2 (B) and positive PLEC (C) were associated with focal adhesion pathway; PLEC (D) expression was upregulated in breast tumors compared with that in normal mammary tissues, while the TNS2 (E) expression was on the contrary. Red and black colors respectively represent tumor and normal samples. The total sample was 514, of which the number of tumor samples and normal samples were 426 and 88, respectively; (F) The differences of TNS2 and PLEC cor-survival trend between the high-risk and low-risk groups were determined by the log-rank test.