Research Paper Volume 12, Issue 22 pp 22759—22775

NEAT1/miR-200b-3p/SMAD2 axis promotes progression of melanoma

Figure 5. NEAT1 modulated miR-200b-3p through directly binding. (A) Spearman’s correlation analysis showed the correlation of miRNA-200b-3p and NEAT1 in malignant melanoma tissues(n=18) (R=−0.7369, P < 0.001). (B) Schematic view of putative miRNA-200b-3p targeting site in the Wt and MUT 3’-UTR of NEAT1. (C) Luciferase reporter assay in A375 and M14 cells transfected with luciferase report plasmids containing NEAT1 3’- UTR (WT or MUT), and pre-miR-control or pre-miR-200b-3p. (D) RT-qPCR was performed to measure the level of miR-200b-3p after cells were transfected with pcDNA3.1-NC or pcDNA3.1-NEAT1 in A375 and M14 cells.